Epic Fantasy

Defenders of the Realm

Four destinies intertwine in a saga of magic, courage, and the quest for identity.
In Eldavon, a rite of passage sends 13-year-olds up Eldavon Mountain to drink from the mystical Silver Springs. Those unchanged by the magic remain human and learn practical trades in the village, while those transformed into witches or dragons attend The Institute, a magical academy. Here, students embark on quests and hone their abilities, preparing for their sacred duty to defend the kingdom. As they mature, they wrestle with societal norms, personal relationships, and the complexities of fated mates. Through their adventures and trials, they deepen their understanding of friendship and loyalty, discovering the profound impact of their connections.
A Journey to Power - Prequel 0.5
Join Penelope, Wickham, Kaia, and Herja on their journey of self-discovery and adventure in a magical kingdom where teens are sent to the stream to discover their destiny. These four children, with diverse backgrounds and unique skills, embark on a journey filled with challenges, teamwork, and bravery to rescue the captured witches and dragons.
The Quest for the emerald rattleback - Book 1
Join the magical journey of four young students as they navigate the trials and tribulations of their first year at the Institute, where magic and danger collide. Can they overcome the obstacles in their path and save their Kingdom from impending threats?
A Summer of Discovery - Novella 1.5
Looking for a heartwarming tale of adventure and romance? Look no further than this captivating story about two fated mates who learn to embrace their bond through a thrilling treasure hunt. 
THE QUEST FOR THE sacred tree - BOOK 2
Are you ready to immerse yourself in a world of magic, dragons, and witches? Join the second-year dragon and witch students as they prepare for the most important event of their academic careers: revealing their fated mates. But things are not as simple as they seem in the Golden Forest, where they'll learn new spells and combat skills to defend themselves against the Chameleon Sprites.
A Summer of opposites - Novella 2.5
Looking for a thrilling summer read filled with magic, destiny, and the struggle to find oneself in a world of expectations? Look no further than Kaia and Nolen, two 16-year-olds destined to be together as a witch/dragon fated mates.
THE QUEST FOR THE phantom Feather - BOOK 3
Step into the magical world of the Institute, where witches learn how to ride dragons, plants have magic, and thunderstorms are more than just a weather phenomenon. Follow the journey of four students, Penelope, Wickham, Herja, and Kaia, as they navigate the challenges of their third year.
A Summer of Courage - Novella 3.5
Embark on an enchanting journey with Wickham and Herja, where love and courage intertwine. Join them as they navigate through thrilling encounters and unexpected challenges that will captivate you from start to finish.
THE QUEST FOR THE kraken's ink - BOOK 4
Dive into a world where mermaids, krakens, and powerful students collide in a battle for survival. As tensions rise and secrets unravel, witness the extraordinary journey of friendship and sacrifice in "The Quest for the Kraken’s Ink." Will they overcome their differences and find a way to forge peace, or will chaos and destruction consume the underwater city?
A summer of destiny - Novella 4.5
Discover a tale where love and magic intertwine, as Penelope and Raven journey through mystical realms, facing their deepest fears and embracing their extraordinary destiny.
THE QUEST FOR THE cursed mirrors - BOOK 5
In a world where dragons soar the skies and witches command the elements, a group of extraordinary young heroes must unravel the mystery behind enchanted mirrors, a treacherous sorcerer, and a stolen destiny. Brace yourself for an epic adventure filled with magic, danger, and the unbreakable bonds of friendship.
A Summer of unity - Novella 5.5
Follow the captivating tale of Rowena and Hector, whose journey from Eldavon to Odentia becomes a test of their love and commitment to peace. Amidst assassination attempts and political upheaval, they strive to bridge the deep-rooted animosities between their kingdoms. 
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